I’m generally a pessimistic person, but I’m a shallow person that can be happy even with the littlest of things.

This is for the 30-day writing challenge I’m currently doing.

  1. Meaningful conversations. About socks, sofas, or anything really. I hate small talk.
  2. Eating blueberry cheesecake that I didn’t buy. Free food at it’s best.
  3. Stuffed toys. Currently a sucker for alpacas. Give me one (or more, I don’t mind, really) and I’ll love you forever.
  4. Sunsets and cityscapes. And both together is lovely.
  5. Sleeping. Because I love lucid dreaming.
  6. Writing and blogging my travel escapades.
  7. Badminton. Even if I suck at it. Too bad I don’t have anyone near my place I can regularly play with.
  8. Good company. Because nothing beats humor, chismis and debates.
  9. People that show they care. I’m needy at times, so it’s good to know that you’re actually loved.
  10. Self-help and inspirational books. Because they give me peace.