Earlier, I just finished my marathon with Korean drama The Heirs (2013) starring the only two Korean actors I know, Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho. More than the fighting for romance, I was more touched by another angle- a mother’s love.

In the show, despite statutory classes and differences in growing up, all the mothers showed one thing in common – sacrifice. It didn’t matter how they felt, they focused on their kids’ future. And I realized yet again, how a mother’s love is the most unconditional thing and how much sacrifices my own mother did and does for us.

Currently, my mom is in an out of the country vacation; something she deserves so long ago. She’s just on her second day, yet I feel the burden of the tasks she usually does – cooking, doing the laundry and cleaning.

We argue a lot, and when she asks me to do something, most of the time I’ll shake it off and straight up reject her request. Most of the time, she ends up doing it herself. Now her absence and what she does for us feels a little more obvious, because I have to do them myself and for my siblings, too. Mom complains at times, but we all shrug it off because we know she won’t be able to take being angry to us that long. Just like any mom.

“I can never be grateful enough that I wasn’t your mom instead, because I can never do the things you do for us. Sobrang God-sent.”

Everyday, I make sure to pray to God to keep my mom safe and healthy. Because disregarding the fact that she covers for house chores, she’s truly a wonder woman. I wouldn’t  be able to bear if she’s taken away for me and I don’t think there will be a time that I’ll be ready for that moment.

I love her. I love her so much and even just that sad thought makes me cry. And I hate the fact that I have to feel all of what she goes through before I realize that we can never make it up to the sacrifices she makes.

She’s my safety place.

And no matter how much I’ve grown, I’ll still be her little kid. A little kid that would run into her arms when all the world has given up on me.


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