Azelle Lee is a 20-ish INTJ Fine Arts graduate who finds happiness with writing about life, love and travel and just new, daily (not really daily huhu) prompts from Daily Post. She fancies pasta, ice cream and pizza in that particular order and she will most likely do almost anything utterly humiliating for a slice of Blueberry Cheesecake.

Above is pretty much the TLDR *important* parts of my life. But other than that, I never talk about myself apart from my short About page that I’m pretty sure no one even tried to read. So being a conceited narcissist vain person I am, I’m dedicating a whole post about myself. LOL.

IMG_2489.JPGMy life as a blogger started out in 2005 when I was still that much into literature. I wrote mostly short stories and rants back then. I transitioned to a lot of different moments in my life. Like going for a certain theme but ended up going another way. I moved from host to host and url to url till I finally settled to just go for basics and use my (nick)name when I reached my third year in college in 2012. is probably just as how many bloggers decided that they should journal their ideas and experiences into the public view. At first, it was solely supposedly meant for *formal* feature and opinion articles while I posted most of my personal experience, shenanigans, OTPs and rants in another now-inactive blog via Tumblr.

I’m also a contributing writer to When in Manila where I mostly post feature articles of food and new experiences, and Thought Catalog. where it’s mostly about romance and love.



I became a little active on social media since I began being a little active on my blog.

I made a public FB page since I keep my personal account free from people I don’t personally know.


I also post a dose about my life, food and travel at my Instagram account. Feel free to follow!

I also own a closet sale Instagram account where I post pre-loved, brand new impulsively-bought items and a few on-hand stocks of my favorite items.


Currently, I work in advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather as a remote Social Care Manager. It’s extra convenient for me as I can work anywhere when I also do other things such as handling my Facebook-based tailoring business.


You can also connect with me on LinkedIn.


Off-career, one of my most favorite dreams to fulfill someday is being a travel blogger. I started, somehow-ish on what my budget can afford for now. You can read through my travel escapades here. One of the places I really want to go to is Paris, France, for the infamous Eiffel Tower, forgive the cliche.

I have an outdated bucket list too that includes both common and weird stuff. I didn’t include some of the ridiculous things because I rather not shame myself from the internet.

I’m a real introvert introvert and I can only express myself and interact with others behind a monitor. But in real life, I’m just a simple girl who drinks Iced Cold Milo at least 3 times a day and doesn’t want to leave the comfort of my home. My friends even gate-crashed my house uninvited because they can barely see me. Something I somehow appreciated because I actually have friends that miss me.

That idea is probably the reason why I got into blogging in the first place. I also hate being too attached to people because eventually, everyone I got close with would just suddenly leave. Also I agree with a quote:

Less people you chill with, less bullshit you deal with.

That’s why I can count how many friends I have.

So if you want a dose of randomness, life inspirations and occasional travel escapades, do follow! Bloggers like me appreciate every little thing that makes us feel that our efforts are something. 🙂