I’ve been using Wordpress since 2013, and I only knew about daily prompts just now. Shame on me, I know. Then I thought, I’m gonna try and give it a shot to write daily posts using the prompts on their list. Right now, it’s 12mn my place, but since WordPress is under Eastern Time (or am I wrong) I still have a few hours left before it turns to the next day. Hooray GMT+8.

I don’t hide that I’m in a quarter-life crisis phase (I think I actually mentioned it more than I should). You see, all my life, I’ve been trying my best to organize my life. I’ve read through life hacks, bought planners, fixed my digital files in very specific folders, set goals and all sorts of stuff that’ll make you thing I have OCD. But in reality, I’m just not a great crammer – at all.

Sure, I can work under all the pressure, but I rather not. I know some people work better under certain constraints, but me, no.


Clock is continuously ticking for me. I’m not getting any younger, so I’m a lot more pressured in dealing with adulting. I’m freaked out because my life isn’t as organized as how I wanted it to be. I have no concrete plan on what to do with my everyday to achieve a certain goal that I’m also unsure of. And it scares me a lot.

And what gets me even more is the fact that everyone else in my age group seem to take things a little lightly… or at least, that’s how I see it. Even my friends are. I’m pretty sure they also think about what to do with life and all that, but they’re all seem to be doing fine without having to jot down every little detail, or follow a set of rules or steps. They’re just with the flow. And it doesn’t seem so bad.

So.. I decided, that I’m going to try my best to go for my Plan B. Where I won’t have a plan at all. Sure, I have long-term goals, but a specific process that’ll just make my head ache but don’t assure it will be is one thing I want to gradually minimize in my life.

Yep, I’m in my 20’s now. Just 20’s. And there’s so much more life is offering me so theres no reason to guard the clock nor my every step.

Daily Prompt – Clock

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  1. In my 20s I never felt old, or that I was racing against the clock to *be* somebody… then I hit 30 (that was 3 years ago) and I’ve felt how you’re describing above.

    Take my advice: just kick back and enjoy the twenty-something years. Freak out about life in your 30s instead 😉


    • Hi Scout! You’re right. I should be celebrating the 20’s instead of mourning over what to do next. Hopefully I’ll face and figure out life easier when I’m 30 (thank God it’s still a log way to go). Thank you for dropping by btw! 🙂 -Azelle


  2. I was the same. Honestly being 20 is scary. We are supposed to make a career choice, get successful, discover the world but instead were trapped in not as good jobs and wondering what are we actually doing. I think that it’s actually gonna get better by 30, because of all the experiences. We just have to deal with the fact that we won’t get any younger, we have only this moment so we should try anything we want and stop comparing ourselves to others (which is probably the hardest part)..


    • Exactly. And everyone is telling us to act adult but no one is there to teach us how to adult. We’re learning it by ourselves, thus we are scared. But yeah. We can think of it when we’re older 😀 Thanks for reading, Ivana 🙂 -Azelle



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