I’ve always seen sunsets as a romantic rendezvous of fiction and reality. A postcard-perfect and Instagram-able shot that somehow conceals the stress of the daily grind. But for me, there’s more to drowning myself with the colors of sunset.

My love for the urban jungle, the vast greenery of nature, breath-taking and 360 degree views of sunrise, the white shimmering sands, is the same as how I admire the watercolor-soaked skies of sunset. The 10-second moment indulged in the picturesque view of the sun setting down is one of the awe moments that I’ll never get tired of.


The moment when the sun comes to view, time slows down. You watch and expect it to slowly disappear to the horizon as it colors the sky and silhouettes everything in view; It fills up the skies with vivid warm colors and touches of cool purple. And that short duration of when the sun decides to call it a day is a mutual indication of our own day’s achievement.

I see sunset more of the division between days, from the bright warm glow in the morning to a shade of warm colors, to cool colors, ad slowly ending it with time enveloping the sky with blue and black…. like saying tomorrow is another day.

It might sound childish, or shallow, but personally, that idea is something I always look forward to. And we should all do.