I’m pretty sure I never mention in any of my blogs that I dislike cats. Not that I hate them personally but probably because I never grew up with actual pets other than fishes- which I can’t even play with. Sure, cats are cute and sweet, but my appreciation pretty much ends there. I just couldn’t get myself to really like them.

Moving on, last Saturday, Jan 23, my BJD friends and I decided to do a short minimeet. And of all possible places, a cat cafe. I didn’t mind to be honest since I don’t hate those furballs, it’s just that I just came from another cat cafe with 2 of my college friends just 2 or 3 weeks ago lol.

We decided to meet up in McDonald’s Gateway at 12nn SHARP. And guess what! We were “complete” around 1:30 or 2pm. LOL. Nothing new there. We walked some 5 minutes to Bengal Brew.

Here’s a part of the interior:

Screenshot_12.pngBefore heading into the cat wonderland, we decided to order up our long overdue lunch. Since I didn’t have any breakfast, my stomach was already cursing me. It took around an hour to prepare our food and drinks.

P350 was the entrance price inclusive of food (mostly muffin and cakes, those found inside the glass counter on the pic above) and drinks (frappe, juice, coffee etc.), and cat food you can later on feed the cats.  You may also opt to add some meals for separate individual prices if you prefer a heavier fill up.

For the free consumable inclusion, I opted for a New York Cheesecake and their Bengal Frappe. Also added Carbonara for P160 but forgot to take a pic because I was so hungry.

Our friend Zhy had to leave early since she had classes, so she wasn’t able to experience the fun inside the cat habitat of Bengal Brew.

This neat eco-friendly wall was the first one to fascinate me. These little oxygen tanks sit by one whole wall side.


It wasn’t long before we were set up by this round table.. and by we, I mean our dolls. They occupied the table, and our things occupied the chairs.

Bless our friend Ruru for bringing his DSLR. I was lazy to bring mine haha. Had his camera with me the whole time LOL.


These Bengal cats, not like any usual cat behavior, are not so sweet with humans. According to one of the keepers, these cats are 4th generation breeds of tigers, that’s why they are pretty indifferent than our usual house cats.


And if you’re gonna ask, no.. our dolls were not saved from these curious little ones.

And BTW, you can’t stop humans to attempt taking selfies with the cats too. XD

Oh and here’s ate Lev’s effort to take a shot from a wandering cat XD


It took as quite some time before we decided to take on a group photo and some individual photos of our dolls. XD Probably because these cats are simply adorable XD Sad to say because of that, we weren’t able to take better photos of the SDs that came along.



And of course, human groupie!


L-R: Ruru, me, JL, ate Lev and Aki. We’re all girls, yep.

Nearing the end, everyone was given the chance to feed these cats. And trust me, they will swarm around you for the treats you have. Look at JL and Ruru feeling the feels of feeding the cats. XD  12552552_909289175856388_7228517978911616706_n.jpg

It was still only 4pm when our time’s up came. We had to pack our bags and head out, hoping to find some other places to continue our short BJD meetup, only to fail on choosing a location.

We dropped by VC Trading as my request in my quest of finding leatherette spandex, and after, it wasn’t long till ate Lev had to leave. Around 5pm, Aki, JL, and Ruru were to set off to Megamall and I had to decline since it was going farther from my home which wasn’t convenient XD So I wasn’t able to come with them. XD Apparently they dropped by the convention Otaku Expo in Megamall XD

Bengal Brew was actually a nice experience. It was way worth it than my first cat cafe experience even though price is P50 higher. I would love to come again with better photography arms if I visit once more.