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BJD Minimeet @ Bengal Brew

I’m pretty sure I never mention in any of my blogs that I dislike cats. Not that I hate them personally but probably because I never grew up with actual pets other than fishes- which I can’t even play with. Sure, cats are cute and sweet, but my appreciation pretty much ends there. I just couldn’t get

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My First Doll Meet: The Manika Manila Prom 2015

I was in my 1st year college when I first saw a ball joint doll (BJD). I can’t remember exactly when or what event, but we were wandering in a cosplay convention where a table filled with dolls of all sizes came to view. Back then, I had no idea what they were, just as

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The arrival of Castiel, a Mirodoll Yaya

I can’t count how long I wanted to have one and it’s only now that I have graduated that I was finally able to afford it. This post is both a review and my experience regarding my newly arrived BJD from Mirodoll. I got the Mirodoll New 1/4 Girl Body on a Mirodoll Yaya head with faceup. I

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