We develop feelings for someone who at first didn’t even know we existed. Strange, isn’t it? Somehow, it doesn’t make any sense. But isn’t it what life is about? To experience a lot of things that we’ll love, hate, or both at the same time.. and it’s all worth it. Love is a feeling we can not not feel. And for me, it’s the second greatest privilege we are given next to our freedom. Both of which, we can use to our advantage.

With a few bumps here and there, we get to appreciate life more. We realize that people come and go, opportunities are many but in temporary duration, learning is a continuous process, and time and money are incomparable but are of greatest importance, and feelings can be more than butterflies and ease of thirst.

Falling in love is one of the greatest feelings we are blessed of. We learn a lot of things in it whether we fully commit in a relationship or not.


It starts with an idea (and it goes on from that)

Jaw-dropping kind of beauty. I want to be with her.

He’s multi-talented. I want to be with him.

She has great personality too. I’m gonna talk to her.

Oh, he likes the same things as me. We’re a perfect match.

Everything starts with an idea. And you have to fall in love with that idea to make it work so you can make things happen.

You don’t achieve success just by wanting something. You need to come up with a brilliant idea that will make you stand up and stand tall. It’s like going through a job interview and answering the question, “Why you when theirs 300 other applicants?”

When you don’t start with an idea, then you’ll just have the thoughts of success. Just the thought.


It develops (and not always into the good)

Strangers, interest, developing feelings, accepting emotions, pursuing, trying, fighting, hurting, making up, making love- it’s all part of life and it’s a taste of how good and bad reality can be.

But if you look at it, life is a place of strange things. When we were born, we didn’t even know how to crawl, but eventually we did and we also learned to walk, then run. It’s a process.

Success on anything doesn’t start at the top. Falling in love may grow cold as ice or burning hot. But that’s just how things go.

Some may have the advantage of an upper hand of connections or capital, but if you look at it from another view, someone, at some point, had to work for it.

Relationships don’t develop with just an idea, it only does when someone makes the move to pursue that idea.


It sometimes doesn’t work (and it’s okay)

Movies have the protagonist fall due to a flaw all the time. Because they’re people. Well guess what? People aren’t perfect at all.

Sometimes you have to fall in love with the person, or just the idea of falling in love with a person to make things work. But if it doesn’t, it’s not because you failed as a person or he or she did. It’s just that things weren’t as ripe and ready. It wasn’t sprouting yet but you wanted to jump on the idea because it seemed like a great plan without thinking twice, thrice on how it can end up.

Falling in love teaches us that sometimes it just doesn’t work, but we are privileged to be able to stitch it up or start again with the same or a new idea.

It’s like how Thomas Edison says, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”


It take more than one person (and sometimes not just two)

It’s not a one-sided ride. You can’t expect a booming anything because you do everything. No man is an island.

You can’t be the one who cooks the meal, do the dishes, wash the laundry, fix the bed, bring the kids to school, and go to work every single day of your life. You’ll get bored and you’ll start to doubt if it’s still worth the pain. But if you’ve got a helping hand that matches you and fills you in on your lapses, then it can be twice more successful.

I don’t mean get third, fourth parties, but rather the opinion and knowledge of those around you. There is always someone better than you.

When you fall in love, you’ll realize how lucky you are to have someone that backs you up when you feel like falling. You’ll feel like everything more worth it because someone appreciates when you do great and scolds you when you do wrong. You grow into a better person as you move forward with life. Use that to your advantage to chase a goal.