Life was perfect for you until your parents decided to have another “God’s blessing.” Your position as the cute little baby suddenly gets taken away by another kid. But not only did the glory and accolades of being the youngest were drove out, but the struggles of the middle child dilemma replaced it entirely.

You probably hated your older sib so much that you couldn’t possibly wish for anything else than being the eldest instead. You ask yourself if he or she could probably be an adopted child because you two have nothing in common. He’s a meanie and will find all ways to make you cry.

And now the time comes that you’re not the cutest kid anymore. You have to share everything- clothes and toys and bed and food and parents- but except for rules because that’s all yours to take.

Because you’ve got a little one,

you’re now “too old” to do the “older sibling chores”, but your sister gets away with being “too young” to do anything besides pissing you off by his/her very existence… and putting it simply, there’s no such thing as the middle ground in the chore list.. it’s all on you, hun.

The struggle doesn’t end there, in fact that’s just the start. Because being the middle child means dealing with the pranks and jeopardy plans of your older brother or sister, here comes someone who would never get to experience being blamed, simply because, “she’s too young to understand.” You now have to deal with the superiority complex your older sibling developed, and stand still tolerating the too-young-to-be-scolded syndrome the little kid acquired. It’s the last sandwich you want in your life- a sandwich between two totally different but totally the same patty.

Till your little sibling grows up knowing right and wrong (and given they weren’t spoiled) and develop maturity then you have at least 12 years to suffer as the middle child. Don’t worry, because after that, you’ll have much better tolerance to pretty much anything including the corporate work with bitchy colleagues!