The first time I discovered about Wawa Dam in Montalban, Rizal was through a cosplay photo I saw lurking around my FB news feed several years ago. It looked freakin’ awesome despite myself not really being into water.

I remember mentioning how I wanted to go there, but it was too far from my place. Last year, my friend Gian invited me a day or two before he planned to go to Wawa Dam, unfortunately, I had prior arrangements I can’t cancel. Sad isn’t it?

Yesterday, April 11, I got the chance to go there with a friend who volunteered to fetch me and tour me in the place. It was a short drive away from Philcoa, roughly 45 minutes. I was glad because the place is not a type of trekking which I don’t dislike, but my body doesn’t appreciate because I get worn out easily.

We reached before 11am, and the sun was practically cursing me with her rays.

Anyway, first off before reaching the dam was this awesome view that reminds me of the river on the edge of Rivendell from Lord of the Rings, The Loudwater.

10666148_470602696420061_1396368909_n (1)

Imagine the summoning of those water horses here. Yep. Great view.

Ha. According to my tour guide (lol) this river was usually well… a “river”, with the rocks and boulders unseen. But due to the season (hot or very hot) in the Philippines during the Summer, the water is not in its usual current. Even the dam is not spitting too much water than those I saw in the photos. But anyhow, it looked awesome.





I was too lazy to bring a tripod, so all my attempts on long exposure shots were intolerably blurry to post. and that last photo above is obviously blurry but I’m putting it anyway because they seem to have fun. haha.

This. is. what’s. beyond. the. overflowing. dam.


Neat isn’t it?

Even the sun was high up and we were practically sweating a lot. My friend says those bamboo cottages were disposable. I was actually quite surprised because the effort to make them is surely not a grade 1’s project. Most of these cottages were usually only there during the Summer for visitors and would be thrown away after some time, especially during rainy season, so it won’t get washed away in the “river.”



Of course we went down there… but we had to pass through this bridge.

11116850_901479636561373_1284336187_n (2)

The bridge certainly reminded me of the Editorial Board Team Building we had in summer of 2013 in Baler, Aurora. (that trip made me curse hiking, really haha)


This is one of my most favorite views. Sitting in one of the cottages worth 150php unlimited (thanks for paying XD) We had some random chitchats about life and stuff here because this view is just so awesome for me.

Some more photos from where we were sitting:





When we decided to leave around 2pm, we decided to pass by the long cut.. through this…



Walking on three bamboo poles seem easy.. but I was really worried I’d fall and I don’t know how to swim, my camera would drown. I had no idea whether or not the water was deep, guess not, but the thought bothered me because that is clearly one long bamboo bridge.. While we were in the middle, it felt as if the whole bridge was being moved with the minimal water current. TBH, I was kinda scared and hoped it would end soon. And I don’t think I have plans on crossing any bamboo bridges anytime soon again.  Haha.

We ended the trip with a late lunch of around 2:30 in Carlito’s Grill somewhere in Montalban Center or something like it. Great food, and we left full. (and… thanks again for paying! XD)

It was a record I was already home before 6pm unlike my usual “escapades” when I’m usually coming home around 8pm. I’m a obedient kid after all. (Thanks for taking me home, too. Was actually already too bushed to commute :/ So it’s greatly appreciated.)

Anyhow, it was a worthwhile experience, and if people would ask if I’d want to go there again, it’s definitely a yes. And we’ll bring food next time for a nice picnic!