3D2N December in Baler: Day 1

For 2018, I realized I only had one vacation before this- my trip to Japan. So when the opportunity came in the form of my officemate, Fatz, a surfer and an honorary Baler local (lol). We turned the drawing to reality.We booked our tickets for our 3D2N stay (Dec 18-20, Tues-Thurs) near the end of November … Continue reading 3D2N December in Baler: Day 1

#Palawander: El Nido Day 3-PP-MNL

Day 3 marked our last day in El Nido but it wasn't enough to stop us from asking more of the paradise we came to love. Time did fly so fast, but day 3 is as equally spectacular as the other two despite the mood we decided to move in. Click here for Day 0 / Click … Continue reading #Palawander: El Nido Day 3-PP-MNL