We all have that one pillow, stuffed toy or a blanket that came from our childhood we can’t let go, even though it already served its purpose, or is already claiming retirement based on its current aesthetics. But those aside, at some point, you probably named it, the same as your best friend’s, or a favorite cartoon character, I don’t know. But one thing is sure, I, for one, named and still names my stuff.

My favorite pillow is Cyan, though it doesn’t hold any important detail why it’s named that way besides that my favorite pillow case that goes with it is a shade of blue.. I was 5 years old then and I rather keep it that way because it reminds me of the good times some 15 years ago.

I know some people who name their things just as I do. A close friend Gian calls his tablet, Tabby, FTW! Why? I dunno.

But then, I realized, it’s probably a way of personalizing what’s yours, like putting a part of yourself to it. Asking yourself what name goes well with this thing takes effort and time no matter how small it is. And you won’t exert effort or waste time like thinking of a name for something you don’t deem of importance.. you know, it’s like considering it as family.

TBH, I even give ALL my stuffed dolls their own personalities up until this day. I’m not sure if this is something only a kid does, but it has become a second nature for me whenever I gain something I deem of importance or sentimental value. It’s not something I announce to the world, but I thought being sentimental is something you can share.

I got an Eeyore stuffed doll from a friend way back first year high (2006), before I thought of giving it a name, a friend asked. Then I thought, “I’ll name it after you, bruh.” So my donkey, even though it’s supposed to be a guy, is named after my girl friend, Weena. Haha! She has a personality too. She’s rich and smart and is annoying in the sense that she’ll be rude to you when you’re stupid. She’s awfully jealous whenever she thinks someone will replace her as the favorite doll of the lot. And since a lot has come, she’s starting to be kinder to fit in.

Also, I instantly fell in love with a cream-colored bunny in a local shop near my place. I was thinking of a name on my way home and called her Kimberly eventually. She’s super adorable and kind. She loves Taekwondo and painting but hates school big time. She also has this thing for the letter W where she includes it in pronunciation of words such as Phowtow and Taekwondoww. Currently she’s rushing to paint eggs for Easter and should not be disturbed unnecessarily unless if it’s for her favorite food, chowkow. LOL.

My sister and I usually role play our stuffed dolls. Haha! This is the not-so-exposed-slash-girly-side of me. LOL! Don’t judge me. This is called practicing creativity. Haha!

Anyway, my point is, naming things and attaching personalities with them gives us the ability to share a part of our own self to it. We tend to care more about these things as well. I’m betting there are a lot who still don’t understand why this is necessary, but for some, it’s just also a way of knowing themselves as well. Their identity, way of thinking and how they manage things around them. We name our pets. Why not our things? When it’s not living it doesn’t mean it’s dead. It still serves its purpose to us and a little appreciation such as naming doesn’t cost us a lot.