My legs were already feeling numb, my feet drenched from the heavy downpour. Who would have thought it would be this hard to get a ride back to the station when the sun was smiling a minute ago. My friend Jed was already shivering cold. I lost count after 8 on how many go signals of the stop light gone by. My attention was divided to getting a ride, and a handicapped man with four short limbs sailing the 3-lane street selling Sampaguitas to the vehicles waiting for the green signal. He certainly reminded me of Nick Vujicic.

            I elbowed my friend and a common thought channeled through us. We called upon him and he came towards us casually as though he was not handicapped, flashing a genuine smile of gratitude as we bought all his Sampaguitas. He walked away as if he had conquered the day.

Soon after we had the chance to take a bus, with no hesitation, we took the opportunity, sat on the back of the PUV and rubbed off the rain tracing our faces as we let out a synchronized sigh of relief, a smile to top all of the day’s experience, and a prayer to offer for the hardworking man we just met.