Constitutions, charters, bylaws, bills, memorandums, ordinances, regulations, or whatever you may call the list of things to follow (and break) are senseless when society proclaims they are. This is as much thought to put in as when rules are made and amended to exact certain situations from when society calls for action.

It’s not the government that is followed but rather the society. Why do we need majority votes for competitions or elections when at some point, we all know that the requirements set by authorities are somehow bent and scrutinized to falter for society’s contentment?

My personal experience below, not too necessary to read, placed for further explanation of this post.

     I have experienced such injustice, for lack of better analogy. I had once made a logo-making competition for my shop to thank my customers for the never-ending support. First of all, being an art student, I don’t think it is  necessary to have someone make a logo for my shop, when I can do it to my liking as well, more so, provide a prize for whoever’s winning where I can’t even be sure if it’s worth the price I’m paying. But it was a majority-decided poll question so I decided to pursue anyway. Two winners, one on a biased decision by me, another by the cliche liking contest in Facebook.

One of the leading contestant was using an auto-liking program and one of his co-contestant tipped me into it. I disqualified him for the obvious cheat. It was not stated in the rules that those programs were not allowed, it was after all a good strategy, but obviously it was something unacceptable to society.  Proving my point that rules are senseless when society label such incidents.

My rules included announcing the winner when I had my page liked to 3000. With two contestants left competing with a tight gap, I decided to extend the competition a few hours from when I hit 3000 likes for entertainment, giving the second place the chance to win. Long story short, I was bashed when I postponed the announcement of winner because it was clearly stated that announcements would be made when I hit 3000 likes. Though, my point is, if I hit the like mark at an odd time, let’s say 3 in the morning, should I have woken up just for it? Or when it hit 3000 likes, then the second placer miraculously closed the gap before I was able to check on it?

People clearly did not see how I made this contest, flushing out real money for them when I was only to gain likes. It was MY contest, MY shop, MY rules. How come the cheater did not complain when I did not state on the rules it was not allowed to use bot programs? Yet, I am judged of favoring someone when I decided to change the rules of MY contest a bit? Because that’s society, of course. They would force their rights on you, but you can’t take them out just like that even if you own the house they’re trespassing to.


Why do women have their own law for sexual harassment, whereas men can be raped too. I believe that law was created because society thinks men have more intention and capacity of doing such acts. Organizations such as Gabriela were to present the issue to the government and society insists it more than necessary, passing more than a criminal ordinance, but a state-wide law. and to top that, when women actually asked for feminism and wants such biased law for their own benefit.

Anti-women law. Something that I have only heard of just now. It’s a law that says a woman who got annulled with her husband can NOT marry 301 days prior to the date of effect. It’s a precaution to assure that the woman does not carry his supposedly former husband’s child. and now, they’re removing that law. I’m not against feminism, I’m actually supporting it, but seriously, I think people get the wrong idea on feminism. That entirely gives the woman full rights over the child with no law supporting the rights of the child’s biological son who actually HELPED or whatever verb applicable, make that child. and, who the hell marries again in less than 10 months after, I assume, a hard separation from your supposedly lifetime partner?


Government and the society are like two parallel lines, wanting to go to a certain direction, justice, the right path (or maybe wrong) or whatever it may be, but on different or maybe opposing ways. It will never meet society’s expectations for the sole reason that every individual in a community have different point of views which is proven by this thought wherein some, or most, might not agree to. Reason why government will always be hated no matter how objective their decisions are, even when justice is actually served.