Often times I wonder how to differ the sincere words from deceitful ones. It seems that words today are used mainly as fillers for conversations and not how they are supposed to be. Words used as regular as “a”, “an” or “the”.

1. Sorry.

“Sorry” is often said when a person commits a mistake. But nowadays, ‘sorry’ doesn’t seem to imply as a sincere apology but rather the obliged thing to say. It’s like removing the guilt feeling from one’s self since apology has been said, be it sincerely or not. And no matter how much we deny it, at some point in our life, we have done the same thing- apologizing for the sake of apologizing. It’s still something after all.


2. I’m fine.

I’m fine, I’m okay, I’m alright. Don’t these words contain the same meaning, repeated over situations usually involving a fight? It’s like saying you are not worth the time for them to explain there concerns which primarily why you are asking in the first place. It’s like saying I am tired of explaining so I rather shut up and pretend I’m fine rather than waste time and efforts trying to make you understand the situation.


3. I Miss You.

Missing someone seem to have a different meaning to others. Some people say they miss you but do not even exert efforts to be with you or even see you. They might have other things to do to not prioritize you, but if don’t you think if they really do, won’t they find a way to put you IN their schedule, even for just a short time?


4. I Love You.

Love may be defined as several adjectival words, blind, unconditional, sacrificial and the likes. All may be true, but to sum it up into my opinion, love is when you see imperfections but still love the person perfectly. One question I’ve been pondering about is why people tend to say this without really meaning every word of it. It is easy to say after all, but to justify the statement is a different thing.

Like in a relationship, both parties might say “I love you” a billion times but not mean a single one of them. It’s like being more of an obligation because of commitment rather than putting the feelings into words.


These words are used by people mostly on their daily lives. Mean it or not, these words as they are used momentarily already seem to be neglecting the real meaning of each phrase. How overused words seem to take over discussions as filler in conversations.