Many times have I asked myself how like and love differs, why love seem to dominate decisions and like seem to care less. Love seem to make the world go round. It can make people do things that are against their dignities and principles. And like? Isn’t that where love started?

Like is when you would want to see him everyday.

Love is when you would want to hang out with him everyday.

Like is when you look forward to his text messages.

Love is when you don’t sleep at night when having a conversation with him.

Like is when you spend every minute admiring his assets.

Love is when you see his assets on your child.

Like is when you become turned off on simple imperfections.

Love is when you notice imperfections but love him otherwise.

Like is when you look forward to seeing him.

Love is when you wake up each day to see him.

Like is when it sends butterflies to your stomach when he does something sweet.

Love is when you want to stop the time just to cherish the moment.

In my incumbent experience, I have learned to look forward for specific days to attend school just to see this certain someone. He is not my type, yet he never fails to send me butterflies over simple acts. Yet, because of the existence of my ex, I am holding back. I don’t want things to be repeated and I rather treasure our friendship than have it developed. Do I still love my ex? I don’t know.. but if this is still love I am feeling, it defines how like and love can be of different levels of interest and intimacy.

Love can bring you joy yet make you shed tears. It can complete your day or shatter your week. Love is always greater than like. You may like someone, but you may love someone at the same time for you not to develop your feelings for that person. Love cannot be controlled. Your mind might say “no” but your heart would say “go”. It is really un-explainable how love can influence and affect a person.