Remember those times when you were asked by your parents what you want to have for Christmas and you spelled out Iphone? And yet, when the time came and you got yourself so excited in opening your gift and ended up getting way far from what you wanted? Soon you’ll see yourself depressed over the issue when you got your hopes up in receiving your supposedly new apple product. That was us as a kid. Worse is, it is still who we are as an adult. Career, academics, life and everything else that comes in between. These expectations when projected too far will get us falling hard on our heads if we fall. And there we go disappointed like a 5-year old child over the issue.

Life is like that. We become too confident about ourselves and get our expectations too high that we tend to neglect possibilities of reality. We assume too much and later on regret on having our hopes high up. In the end, who’s to blame? We forget that life loves to throw bullshit at us, and here we are, provoking and having it haunt us down.

No matter how good and confident you are. There will come a time that your expectations will shower you with disappointments and reality will come crashing down to you. That time when you don’t know what else to look forward to after your every assumption will get yourself crying to the disappointments of reality.