February has come and election is fast approaching. Probably most of us have noticed how the candidates are pushing their lucks (as well as money) to the limits. Something I don’t understand is that why would anyone do such? Spending millions of cash is not a joke for a few years of what they call “service” to the public. Is power such an important thing if a person really wants to help develop a good future for the citizens?

Money is already given, since a person cannot run for public servant without the required amount of wealth (at least for the higher positions) since campaigning throws awage a huge sum of cash. Is it not money who can help decrease poverty in one country? Why would these candidates offer themselves to be of service as officials in the government? Can they not use their money when they do not have the brand of a politician, or is it will they NOT use THEIR money of it is really their goal? I don’t think someone would practically run for election just because he wants to. Where’s the catch in that?

Of course power can be a big thing, order people around, get “much” respect and the whatnot. But why do these candidates seem to do all that it takes to win an election? Even pulling the opposing team down just to get themselves on top or even create inherent drama to get sympathy from the majority. Are they that power hungry?

Another thing is that these candidates seem to be the PERFECT ones. They make sure they smile to each and everyone even though they are against your platform, they suddenly become active in many charity acts and fund raising programs and soon end up disappearing after they get elected.

I’m not pointing out things that may or may not be true about the government. But it just bothers me a lot how people seem to be blind on what these candidates state in their platforms or offer to them so they’ll vote them. People tend to not see how these rulers will affect the harsh reality of future. Most think about how the present will go and what they’ll be eating for the rest of the day. A bigger development for the majority is a better difference for the benefit of the minority.

I may not know much about politics, but one principle I have lived for is being yourself. If we want to keep a clean record and be loved by people, we have to keep it real. If you keep on pretending to be someone you’re not, you’ll eventually run out of lies to proclaim.