I was that kid. That innocent little spoiled brat that enjoyed doodling over documents and writing on book pages of the words I have learned. That time when I still did not know the meaning of synonym, rhyme and a lot more whatnot. I was writing poems since I was in grade 2. Poems that rhymed but did not made any sense. I get a good laugh when I remember those days when I try to mix and match words from my limited vocabulary just to get rhyming verses in my poems. And those times when I end up creating a seemingly paragraph when in fact the it was only a single sentence full of commas and redundant thoughts. That was way back in 2002..

Now it’s 2013.. I can’t believe it was already over 10 years ago. The 10 fruitful years of my life where I learned many things in life. Elementary and high school were both stepping stones to whatever I have become. I am proud to say that because of the existence of those 10 years I went through, I have improved so much in so many aspects. Writing is one. My vocabulary today is broader and I have a better taste of choosing words for my pieces. Though I know I’m still far from what you call professional, I am very happy to be able to spend my life writing over various things. I may not be enrolled in a course that develops more of my writing skills, but it being my passion is already enough to have me contented.

Anyone can write, but not everyone can inspire.