Life is a judgmental paradise. Or so I believe.

We can decide what to do with our lives. To aim for success, to aim for wealth, to survive. We fulfill our duties as to what requires us. We tend to please people so we can be accepted in the society. And most of us tend to keep emotions to ourselves to avoid being judged.

An individual could easily accept the fact that something is worth living- that something is worth taking risks- that something is worth the sacrifice. When the time comes that all our hardships would go to waste, it is natural for us to be disappointed, to be mad at ourselves. Something that majority do not understand.

When a person cries, he is often subjected to judgement. People would label him a bunch of unpleasant adjectives. Something that would make our egos go on a much lower degree. Thus, we tend to hide away our feeling wearing a mask that no one can see what is behind. A mask that would lie on millions of people to prevent ourselves from being assessed. We pretend to be fine even though deep inside we are slowly dying and no one even knows that you are. There is no one who can help pick up the shattered pieces of our lives and put it back together. After all, we’re the one who experiences it and there’s no one else who would feel the same. In the end, there’s no one to accompany you or pull you up when you trip down. We are going to be on our own. We will be left judged by thousands of people who do not even know the story behind each of our emotions. And no matter what, people would tend to look down on us even if we know we are on the verge of something we are capable to do. More than gravity, some would even pull you down. Something that we should never allow. Something that we should be laughing about even though we know we are crushed little by little.

Pretending is a lie yet it’s a kind of communication where we would feel better in our comfort zones.  A mask that would hide away all our emotions and venture to be alright where no one would be able to visualize and see behind the smiles and laughter we are offering to the world.