We all have days that are worth an article, and some days that you just want to finish. This is one of those days, and I feel kinda bad because it’s not exciting enough to be a good subject for today’s 30-day writing challenge: bullet point your day.

This is for the 30-day writing challenge I’m currently doing.

  • Woke up still feeling annoyed and pissed off from last night’s thinking.
  • Asked my brother to get me fries because I really need some comfort food earlier.
  • Read Eleanor & Park between work tasks. I’m at a little over half, and I’m loving this book more.
  • Tapped a friend who owns a printing press and hoped he can cater to my very specific journal notebook request.
  • I really feel like playing Badminton tomorrow, but it’s a weekday so I can’t find much people available. Apparently I don’t have enough friends.
  • Decided to write these bullet points to my bullet journal too.
  • I looked for calligraphy tools, but I realized I’m probably just gonna use it a couple times and forget I ever had the interest again.
  • Note to self: Don’t buy anything. You always get a phase of desperately wanting something at first then suddenly, not.
  • Grabbed the featured photo from Google because my BuJo looks pretty much the same. Nothing fancy. Just all things important.
  • Just went downstairs to our apartment’s lobby and talked to the guard. Thought I lost the book I had delivered, turns out it was buried under my sister’s school stuff and she forgot to tell me too.
  • 8pm, and I’m feeling sleepy already.