MNL-SG Day 2

MNL-SG Day 1 | MNL-SG Day 2 | MNL-SG Day 3 | MNL-SG Day 4 As expected, I wasn't able to sleep well during the first night. It's my problem when travelling. But it didn't stop me from enjoying our second day- Universal Studios Singapore day! My other cousin, Izel, accompanied me to Tampines. Good thing, because I … Continue reading MNL-SG Day 2

MNL-SG Day 1

MNL-SG Day 1 | MNL-SG Day 2 | MNL-SG Day 3 | MNL-SG Day 4 It wasn't planned- that's how I want to start this post. But it was one of the most fun times I had. For one, it was my first international getaway, and two, Singapore is the first place I wanted to visit for my … Continue reading MNL-SG Day 1

The Love that Allows

You can read my latest Thought Catalog article : It's been a while since I last published some work on Thought Catalog! I'd appreciate if you guys can give it a read! You can read my latest post here (the one on the photo above). You can read all my other works here.   xo Azelle