I’m fortunate enough that my current employer has sponsored and scheduled us for vaccination. This was coursed through ezConsult-ezVax. Decided to share this in a blog post for those who aren’t sure of the steps when getting your vaccination shot at the SIVC Drive Through.

We were notified via SMS and email for our login credentials on the eZConsult-eZVax mobile app and the note that we will be sent an email and SMS notification for our vaccination schedule. When you download the app, it contains our schedule and status of vaccination, as well as other personal information such as your age and BMI.

About two weeks after, last Aug 27, I got both an email and SMS notification for our vaccination schedule, which was last, Aug 31 at 11am. Included in the email is my QR code and a softcopy of the DOH health declaration form to be filled out (which I wasn’t able to use but still printed to make sure). Another SMS reminder was sent to me on Aug 29. So there really is no way to forget your schedule with eZConsult-eZVax

I was coming from Manila while the SIVC Drive Through is located in Solaire, Paranaque. I wasn’t sure if travel will be fast or if there will be traffic, so I booked a ride about 2 hours earlier and arrived in about 1 hour. Fortunately, there was no line so even though it was only 10am, we were allowed to proceed. Not sure if it will be the case though if there’s an existing line when we arrive.

The process was very easy and efficient, and I got my vaccine shot at the SIVC Drive Through in less than 30 minutes. My travel time was 4x longer than that, and I think that’s a good thing. I’ve heard of stories when the waiting time was several hours so I prepared with 2 power banks with me which I wasn’t even able to use.

Vaccination Steps at SIVC Drive Through

Here’s how my trip went:

  1. Once in the Solaire ICTSI Vaccination Center (SIVC) Drive Through ground floor (Solaire theater entrance), an SIVC staff verified my schedule by scanning the QR code provided to me via email. The Grab driver was also given a small piece of paper as a ‘gatepass’ or confirmation that we passed through that “checkpoint.”
  2. After this, we were redirected to go inside the parking area at level P4, where another SIVC staff verified my identity again by scanning the QR code and requesting for my government-issued ID for validity.
  3. Once done, I was redirected to the actual ‘jabbing’ area within the level P4 to wait for my turn for about 10mins.
  4. During my turn, a nurse scanned my QR code again, and asked me to verify my details from the scanned QR code through her tablet. She also asked me verbal questions from the DOH’s standard health declaration form (eg. COVID-19 symptoms, possible exposure to virus, etc.)
  5. Before doing the jab, the nurse performed due diligence by informing and showing me the vaccine to be injected as well as other reminders such as common side effects I might encounter (eg. heavy and/or swollen arm, dizziness, fever, etc.) and my second dose schedule since it was my first time. I was also given a small piece of paper stating the time I got injected, how long I needed to wait for observation (5mins), and the schedule of my second dose.
  6. Once done, my next stop was the observation area. A nurse approached to me while waiting in the car. She informed me of my next steps, which includes why I need to wait (eg. monitor yourself for nausea, dizziness, etc), a reminder of the side effects, what I can’t do (eg. carry heavy things, etc.), and to let me know that I can leave even without their go signal once the time indicated on the piece of paper has elapsed.
  7. After the waiting time, I was then free to leave. I also got an email confirming that the vaccine has been administered and the ezConsult app is also updated with the completion of my first dose and the schedule of my second dose.

Moderna Side effects

The doctors and nurses in SIVC Drive Through were consistent with reminders that the side effects were normal, so I observed myself to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary.

It was about 30mins in during my trip home when I felt dizzy. I initially associated it with my motion sickness, but when I got home, that dizziness didn’t subside though was initially very tolerable. I ate breakfast so I couldn’t associate it with being hungry, but I did have an early lunch to make sure. Unfortunately, it also didn’t improve how I felt.

After about an hour of being home and working, that dizziness started to get worse. I had work to do so I had to muster my strength as much as I can while I can still tolerate the side effects of the vaccine.

About 2 hours after the shot, my right arm started to get sore and heavy (I’m a lefty so my right is my non-dominant arm). Initially it started on the immediate area where the jab was, but slowly the heaviness and pain spread to my bicep and forearms. I couldn’t raise my arm without it hurting and I often need to support my arm with my left hand so I can lift or perform even mundane tasks. My wrists are okay and so are my fingers, so as long as my elbow is on support then I can use them.

About 5 hours from my jab was when it became difficult to bear. My temp was at 37.8C and my dizziness was worsening. I drank paracetamol and excused myself to rest up as it felt like I was gonna faint. I woke up 2 hours later and I felt better though still not okay. My fever was also gone.

When I woke up on Sept 1, I had a slight fever and an aching body but no headache. I drank paracetamol immediately after and my fever was gone after a few. About an hour after, I started to feel my head throbbing from pain. My body was sore and it felt like I worked as a kargador on double shifts with no sleep for 48 hours. It was almost unbearable and it felt like I was gonna faint. I tried to accomplish as much as I can at work but had to file SL for the day. I was stuck to the bed almost the whole day. By 5pm I started to have fever again and decided to go back to sleep after taking meds. I woke up at 7pm and felt better.

Waking up on Sept 2, I felt so much better. I only had headaches and my right arm can already function on a day-to-day basis already. I was able to work and my only challenge was dealing with the tolerable headaches throughout the day.

Second jab update

For my second vaccination scheduled last Sept 28, ezConsult reminded me of my appointment 6 days before, and a day before, that was definitely appreciated. The same process happened where they scanned my QR code in select areas within Solaire Theater and inside the parking lot.

I was in and out of the SIVC Drive Through in about 12 minutes.

In terms of side effects, it was the same, only they felt much worse. A friend of mine who wasn’t that affected of the first jab had to file sick leave for the second jab. I couldn’t move on the day-of the vaccination shot, and a day after, while the third day after that was lighter, but I still felt my head heavy and throbbing.

It would be good to expect the same when you get your vaccination shot. And ideally, file a sick leave on the day of your schedule and the day after.

Aside from that, it was definitely a great experience. My sister had a long waiting time when she got hers through LGU, so I’m lucky I didn’t have to wait.