MNL-SG Day 1

MNL-SG Day 1 | MNL-SG Day 2 | MNL-SG Day 3 | MNL-SG Day 4 It wasn't planned- that's how I want to start this post. But it was one of the most fun times I had. For one, it was my first international getaway, and two, Singapore is the first place I wanted to visit for my … Continue reading MNL-SG Day 1

Getting Artsy at Pinto Art Museum

Finaallllyyy. I've been wanting to go to Pinto Art Museum for the longest time now. I was able to come to the place and enjoy a great 15-hour umayan day with my two IG jowa's, Armen and Maylene. Starting off at an 11am call time at Santolan station (which needless to say, wasn't 11am), Mai was … Continue reading Getting Artsy at Pinto Art Museum