Marksmanship and archery are two things I always wanted to try but never got the chance to. Today, I got to experience it for the first time with my favorite people.

We decided to shame ourselves at Arrowland by Gandiva at SM North Edsa. They have multiple packages that suit different sets of people that would range from 200+ to over 400 each. We opted for their 240-arrow package for P1680 (max of 5 pax). Their weekday rate is a bargain, doubling the number of arrows you can use for the same amount per package.


I was glad that we only had to wait around 30 minutes for our turn considering it was a late Sunday afternoon.

What I appreciate other than their kind team of staff is that they have special bows for lefties like me!! Yay!

The bow is really heavy, and the first time lifting it is a pain mainly because of the weight. My arms would shake making it hard to take aim, and pulling on the string is also an effort because your offensive arm should stick to your side and parallel to the ground to actually hit the board.

Here’s my target paper for those who want to make fun of my bad aim lol. It’s funny because I honestly thought I have good dexterity (apparently EK’s 7D theater is not a credible basis, time to find out when I try guns next time lol). Of course, I didn’t take a photo of the arrows that went past the target and stuck on the wall at the back 


TLDR; I suck at archery, but it was a great experience that I do want to try again.

PS. I never thought archery would actually make you sweat lol.

Visit Arrowland by Gandiva at 2nd Level SM CITY NORTH EDSA ANNEX, Quezon City