My Theory of Arts professor would probably smack me in the head right now. He told us not to walk around as free advertisers (ie. holding branded paper bags all around the metro) but now I’m somewhat advertising this on my own blog. But I really wish to share one of my most favorite commercials that I’ve been applying to my life ever since I watched it.

Coca Cola and McDonald’s are two of my most favorite brands when it comes to marketing. I’m hands down to both brands when it comes to their gimmicks in their advertisements. When I saw this ad, The Happiest Thank You, lurking around my news feed, I couldn’t help but watch. And it changed my outlook in life, no joke.

There are people you encounter a lot of times in your life and “thank you’s” are probably often said, but this ad told me that there is more than just gratitude. In a conversation, some of you might have noticed that once someone uses your name to make a particular point or emphasis, it has more impact or you pay more attention. Even “thank you, Azelle” feels better than just “thank you” alone. It feels it has more weight, it feels more personal, that it’s actually directed and addressed to you.

After this commercial, I try my best to thank people properly by asking their names first. especially for places I plan to go back to. Their reactions are priceless. Both surprised and touched. Coca Cola’s ad, despite being scripted or not, I proved it right. Thanking someone with their name makes them feel more important, and it makes my thank you more personal and not just out of courtesy or etiquette we were taught when we were young.

The other day, I went to a new supplier. The girl who was assisting me was nice and kind and I knew we’ll meet again. I was happy with her service so I asked for her name so I can adress her better than just “ate.” Her reaction? “Ha? Bakit?” while smiling and grinning and a little confused. But she eventually gave in. Before leaving, I said, “Thank you, ate Mika.” and she smiled, something so genuine despite the crowd in the place and how tired she was. I knew she was thankful too, because I bothered to know and bothered to use it to call her.

Earlier, I went to the post office to get some things sorted out for one of my businesses. I was asking the security guard some questions regarding operating hours and some more. Before leaving, I asked for his name too. He was confused and all the same, he asked why. I told him I wanted to thank him properly. He was pointing at his uniform which included his name. I told him, “apelyido mo naman po yan eh.” He was obviously wondering why. He did give his name. When I left, I told him, “thank you po, kuya Danny.” and I saw him smile. You’ll know if it’s genuine when you see it. Like it was the first time someone he doesn’t know actually cared of knowing his name. He greeted me goodbye as I left the premise and it seems I changed his mood to a better one too.

It means a lot being called with your name. Thank you is probably enough, they’re used to it whether you say it or not, but addressing someone properly feels better too when you’re the one saying it- like you know yourself that you really mean it.