It was an early morning for me, since I can’t usually sleep soundly any place else other than my bed. I waited for everyone to check on each other before getting in the bath. We were starting our day at 8am for our tour to Dicasalarin Cove where we rented a van for P3500 (fee is based on the places we visited)

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You may contact Troy Cunanan (SMS: +63 906-869-0522) for inquiries and reservations on Baler van rental. If you need someone to organize your whole Baler stay where you’ll only sit back and arrive, you may contact Fatz Munoz (Viber: +63 917-890-8954 or email:

Before heading out to Dicasalarin Cove, we dropped by a 24/7 restaurant, Yaya’s Tapsilogan to get some breakfast. Unfortunately, there was a big group the night before us so most of their food was consumed and delivery was still on its way. Given that, most of us had to opt for their Porksilog (P65), which has Fatz’s stamp of approval anyway.

After filling our stomachs with food, we went our way to go to our first stop. It was a 30-minute van ride to one of the most spectacular views I’ve seen. Entrance fee is at P500 per head. When we arrived around 9:30am. The only people in the area was us and 2 other couples who left earlier than us. Safe to say that we had the beach to ourselves then- peaceful and relaxing with just the sounds of the waves to soothe us.

Of course, we wouldn’t want to miss climbing up the light house area to get a better view of the seascape. It was a 5-minute climb up with cemented stairs, but it was still a challenge for someone like me who do not exercise except for typing.


We spent quite a bit of time near the lighthouse area for two reasons: one, because the view was awe-inspiring, breathtaking and plainly spectacular; two, because.. we gotta maximize that tiring climb up, yes?

After our stop at Dicasalarin Cove, we dropped by Diguisit Beach to relax for a bit. Mai and Armen went away to shoot elsewhere, but for the rest of us who didn’t want to bathe in the sun, we stayed by the shade of trees along the road.

When we came back, we had our lunch in Yolly’s Ihaw-Ihaw and Seafood Restaurant. We decided not to avail their lobsters since the remaining ones left on their display were tiny. What we had instead was chicken barbeque, pork barbeque, sinigang na tanigue, lumpiang shanghai and laing. You can also avail of their eat all you can buffet for only P200 per head.

I personally loved the chicken barbeque, but the rest of the food were also delicious. We went back to our guesthouse to sleep, while Karlyn and Armen decided to go surfing. Mai was working (yes, unfortunately).

It was around 5:30pm when we heard a knock on the door. It was Armen, bragging about how he was able to stand on the surfboard 8 out of 9 attempts. And my answer was…. “pic or not true.” He didn’t have any. Nyahaha.

By 6pm, we went to Yellowfin Bar and Grill via tricycle again, and finally we were able to grab a spot as one of their first dinner customers. We ordered pork barbeque, ensaladang talong, pork sisig, and grilled squid. Unfortunately, they had no fish during our visit so weren’t able to try Yellow Fin. Waiting time is around 45 minutes for the food and average price per food was P200. Everything was delicious, although the sisig drew a hole in my tongue due to its spiciness. But don’t fret because I just really dislike spicy food!

Before heading back, we decided to drop by Dialyn’s Bakeshop for some coffee.

Their cakes range from P25 to P60 per slice. They are to die for! Especially the Brazo de Mercedes (P25) and Kiwi cupcakes (P40). Also a warning: their coffee (P45) is strong af. This is coming from coffee addicts- Kar, Mai, Fatz and myself. I slept at 2am even when I was tired. Their staff gave us 2 free kiwi cupcakes also! I think it was because our group bought multiples of their pastries, but they were really so worth it!

We went back to our guesthouse right after, while some of us dropped by 7-Eleven. Everyone washed up and later on huddled up in the room to talk about random things in life. We decided to try and sleep about 11:30pm so we can all wake up for sunrise the next morning. Unfortunatley their strong coffee kicked in and I was only able to snooze off by 2am lol.

Needless to say that on our day 3, our last day, I had a difficult time dragging myself awake and walking towards the waiting sun.

We headed out to get breakfast at Charlie Does afterwards. They’re a vegan restaurant famous for their mushroom tapa (P150). Waiting time is about 45 minutes.

The mushroom tapa (P180, I think) in my opinion partnered best with the mocha coffee (P140) which is also worth starting your day with. The restaurant’s vibe is also steady and lax, it has an open area with enough shade if you prefer the outdoors. They also have decent wifi. Fatz and I were able to do a conference call for work while we stayed in for a couple hours.

It was almost 11pm when we finished our work-related engagements and headed back to our cottages to pack our things, wash up and be available in time for lunch, pasalubong shopping and our 3:30pm bus trip back to Manila.

Our lunch was in Bayler View Inn at the Main Beach. Food price starts at P200, and almost everything is for sharing. Waiting time is around 45 minutes.

We opted for their grilled blue marlin (P220/slice), battered buttered chicken (P240), pork binagoongan (P220), pako salad with Bayler dressing (P140), aligue rice (P200/platter), tinapa rice (P180/platter). Shakes were at P120 each where we tried their choco banana shake, mango shake and watermelon shake.

I was actually happy that Bayler View Restaurant was our last stop because I was extremely satisfied with all the food we ordered. The grilled blue marlin is to die for, and their pako salad is so much different than the rest we tried due to its salted egg sauce. Even the shakes were scrumptious, using fresh fruits. The service is also amazing – attentive staff, no one seems to be avoiding the work and everyone is paying attention to the dining customers.

The to-die for grilled blue marlin (P220/slice)

It was around 1:30pm when we decided to drop by Pacita’s Pasalubong. to take back home to Manila. Keychains, shirts, yemas, pastillas, nuts, peanut butter and a lot more. You can also find the coffee that tamed our souls for P250 per pack of ground coffee.

After that stop, we went to our bus terminal – Joy Bus, where we already prepaid our tickets for online reservations ahead. Around the terminal, there are also suman vendors that I highly suggest you buy from. Baler’s suman is one of the best I tried and it’s very affordable at only P100 for 20 pieces.

We were aboard our bus around 2:50pm and it was not long until we left at around 3:35pm. As usual, we were handed out 300mL bottles of water, a biscuit, and a blanket. I was trying my best to sleep the whole time, and the most convenient sleeping position for me was resting my head on Dane’s arm. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to abuse that lol.

We arrived in Cubao terminal around 10pm where we all booked our trips separately to our homes. I dozed off as soon as I arrived home around 11:45pm.

Before capping off this trip, I’ll be honest that I’m not exactly high on beach trips. But this trip was one of the relaxing ones I needed because our itinerary wasn’t super packed and I was with some of the great officemates and friends I have. I don’t think there will come a time where I’ll be trying out surfing, but Baler is one of the friendliest communities I visited and I highly encourage everyone to visit it at least once- and do try to surf!