I was able to convince my mom to accompany me around the metro to go shopping (lol, right?). After our endless walking in Robinson’s Galleria, we ended up in Pho Bac for some snack.

Trying out an Art-style review. (Hi broff!)

We ordered Mixed Seafood Rice, Four Seasons Noodle and Black Gulaman.

Their food options are different from Pho Hoa. Most of the options are closer to Chinese cuisines. I don’t think I should even be comparing the two even when they’re both supposedly Vietnamese restaurants.

Mixed Seafood Rice – decent serving size, savory, but reminds me of Birthday Noodles I can get from a Chinatown favorite restaurant, Big Bowl for a cheaper price and better serving size. Was also a little disappointed with ingredients. Halatang tinipid.

Four Seasons Noodles – I’m not really a fan of sotanghon (or any noodles really), but my mom seemed to love it. Just don’t add the complimentary mint leaves they serve like what my mom did. They screw up the taste. EDIT: According to Chef Art, it’s supposed to be taken after you eat the noodles for cleansing the palette, u da bes bro.) Decent serving size, but not exactly amusing in taste either. Chinese food tastes better and that’s coming from someone who’s not really into Chinese food.

Black gulaman – Was torn on trying their black gulaman or their iced coffee but I didn’t want to get pissed off if they serve me 3in1 coffee with ice. So I opted for the former. Have you tasted Master Siomai’s gulaman? It’s like that but pricier and with the additional white tiny balls (please let me know what you call them EDIT: Tapioca Balls, Thanks, broff Art!). It’s P60! I think this one is from canned gulaman I remember being served somewhere else. Tastes nice, but I hate how it’s comparable to a 12-peso gulaman.

Mixed Seafood Rice – 8/10

Four Seasons Noodles – 8/10

Black Gulaman – 7/10