The Success Project (TSP) is an on-going idea to track my success as I reach for my goals.

exercise as taken from Arnold Patent’s You Can Have it All

Everyone has a purpose; everyone should have reason so his life would lead somewhere. Having no purpose is when you realize you accomplish so little because you chose a life with no specific goal and direction.

Two unique qualities I possess

We were asked to note down our strengths and weaknesses in one of the self-assessment exercises we had in my work. It was an instant answer when I jotted down initiative and passion. I have initiative on most things, especially anything that makes me productive and efficient, and I breed passion as I do my best to love anything I do.

Two ways I enjoy expressing these qualities when I interact with others

The main reason I wanted to blog ever since  was young was to express myself and reach a bigger audience. I want to influence and support anyone that my aid can be of help, even out of the blogging industry.

How I describe the perfect world

Everyone is driven to do what they love. Everyone is happy with what they have. Everyone is at peace with decisions they make and everyone tries to understand each other from the other’s POV.

Combining the three

My life purpose is to use my initiative and passion to support and influence others to be drive, happy, understood and at peace.