The Success Project (TSP) is an on-going idea to track my success as I reach for my goals.


Writing 30 Things I want to have feels like a very narcissistic blog post of egotistical teens. But I’m jotting this down as I want to follow the exercises on the book I’m reading.

  1. I want to travel anytime and anywhere I want.
  2. I want to triple my free time.
  3. I want to become a public speaker.
  4. I want a 2-br unit in a high-rise condominium looking over an urban skyline.
  5.  I want to have a 2-storey 3-br house somewhere remote.
  6. I want to have lots of husky and pomeranians.
  7. I want to increase my income ten folds.
  8. I want the intense feeling of loving and being loved.
  9. I want to have a library in my own home.
  10. I want to be an influencer.
  11. I want to be a writer that readers would look forward to reading the works.
  12. I want to have a million-making blog.
  13. I want to own a coffee shop.
  14. I want to be a famous writer.
  15. I want to be multilingual.
  16. I want to meet new people of different races.
  17. I want to take up a proper course on journalism.
  18. I want to own a beach resort.
  19. I want to try out tv/film acting or theater someday.
  20. I want to be a published author.
  21. I want to be a public speaker as a living.
  22. I want to shop without looking at the price tag.
  23. I want to be a great businessman.
  24. I want to be my own person.
  25. I want to spend any available time I have to show my mom I love her.
  26. I want to pursue photography as a hobby.
  27. I want to be a travel and food blogger.
  28. I want to be (secretly) a fashion blogger.
  29. I want to learn how to cook all the great foods life can offer.
  30. I want to say anything I want without being judged.