The Success Project (TSP) is an on-going idea to track my success as I reach for my goals.


To be honest, I can’t think of enough things that I love. I’m a simple person, but let’s give this exercise a shot.

What do I love so much that I’m doing it for free but actually get paid for it?


Writing is my most favorite thing in the world. I’m earning by ghost writing, but I want to experience earning by guest writing. I’m also able to get deals to write features from my affiliation. You can read them at here.


Who doesn’t? Getting paid to review or getting paid to feature food is probably the best thing you can do for a living.


Getting paid to write and the luxury of traveling. How awesome can that be?


I’m just a hobbyist, but if I can think of a way to make a living out of it, it’ll be through covering events, doing photoshoots and product shoots and selling prints.


I love comforting people because I know how it feels to be down, underappreciated and ignored. It would be nice to make a living out of hearing other people’s problem.


Marketing and advertising is something I learned to love along the way. Being paid for strategizing would be great.

Business consultancy

Business mindset probably runs in my family. I do this occasionally for my friends but it’s usually just out of goodwill.


I love marketing and influencing anyone I can most especially if I really recommend something.

Answering surveys

I actually love answering surveys. I think there are actual jobs who does this and I find it pretty awesome.