The Success Project (TSP) is an on-going idea to track my success as I reach for my goals.


The Vision Exercise is designed to help clarify what you want in life. This exercise is probably to help fix yourself to what you want with the aim to achieve them. I kinda thought these exercises feel a ridiculous, but I don’t want to seem like I’m ranting over something this simple when I’m reading a book about success. lol.

Dream big.


I imagine myself in a 2-br unit in a high-rise condominium somewhere in Makati. My unit focuses on black and white pieces of modern furniture. Overlooking in my bedroom would be the sunset and an urban jungle of the city. I’ll also be having a 2-storey 3-br home somewhere a little bit provincial near my own 30-hectare resort house. It’ll act as a rest house where I can bring family and friends over. I also own a badass coffee shop where monthly cosplay-themed events are held. I’ll be driving my own Lambo on weekends though I have my own driver. I’ll shop without looking at tags, something I always dreamed of doing. I’ll be travelling from time to time across the world, eat what I like, buy what I like.

Work and Career

I can’t imagine myself working an 8-5 job. I have my own resort and a coffee shop, and I’m a famous influencer slash public speaker slash blogger. I inspire people. I work with different fortune 500 companies and inspire them. Setting up an appointment with me needs months ahead notice and I even get a press release when I launch a new book or speak in a seminar.

Recreation and Free Time

I travel in my free time. Europe would feel so near because I can go there whenever I want. I’ll pursue photography as a hobby and I’ll meet different people to share stories with. Some days I just stare at the view outside my condo unit, other times you’ll find me coursing through Venice, or Madrid, or New York.

Health and Fitness

I definitely wish I’m healthy and free from diseases despite my high intake of sugar. I’m in the best form keeping my 20-year old body despite being 50. I occasionally go for Badminton games as a form of exercise, or jog around the vicinity of my home.


There are occasional reunions and family outings. I still hang out with my friends from college and like what I told them before, we’ll have a time in our life where we’ll insist on paying for the food we have. My mom need not work anymore and she’ll have her own home where we’ll visit her often. She’ll still boss me around but that’s okay because she has that privilege because she’s my mom.

Personal Goals

I’ll take a doctorate degree in marketing management. By then, I’ll also be able to play the piano and speak at least 5 languages fluently. I go to church every week for service where I also share my success that God allowed from time to time.


I want to give back to people who are less fortunate, like donating to institutions, my alma mater, and the church. One close in my heart is Child Haus, where they shelter patients who are taking medications and treatments but can’t afford boarding anywhere else.