I’ve read multiple, and I say multiple, blog posts, guides and reviews regarding different Sagada trips and itineraries so I can be as prepared as possible during our stay up north. So I’ve decided to create my own for those who are also kinda lost.

Our itinerary consisted of Sumaguing Cave/Short Course Caving, Kiltepan’s Peak, Bomod-Ok Falls, Lake Danum and Marlboro Country.

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Sumaguing Cave/ Short Course Caving


*has a shop across you can buy emergency things in, use the restroom for P10, leave your things for keeping (at your own risk)

*1.5 to 2 hours to get in and another 1 hour to get out on average.

*white stones = slipper, red stones/flow stones = you’ll love it.

*have the slow ones in front, behind the tour guide.

*please tip nicely on the tour guide, they have a tough job.

What to wear:

  1. light clothes (I personally wore leggings and I think it’s ideal)
  2. slippers (wear this ahead since you’ll be removing footwear anyway in the first 1/4 of the cave.

*as much as possible, empty your hands from holding anything.

What you can also bring:

  1. gloves (if you’re over-conscious on mud/dirt/bat poop)
  2. Alaxan (for after the run if you’re like me who’s not physically fit lol)
  3. face wash and towel (leave this by the store across the entry, you’ll thank me later)

Kiltepan’s Peak


*mainstream tourist destination, expect lots of people.

*has a shop in case you need to get hot coffee and cup noodles to beat the breeze.

What to wear:

  1. THICK clothing, jeans and shoes with socks (was shivering when I went there despite having 2 layers of clothes, I’ve seen some wearing sleeveless and shorts though, not sure if it’s just me.)

What you can also bring:

  1. camera, duh.

Bomod-Ok Falls



*it’s a strenuous activity for those who don’t exercise regularly. I practically had to crawl my way on the way up. I’m already warning people since I personally don’t want to do all that again.

*has around 3 small shops/persons that sell water and food to get by along the way (right after Brgy. Fidilisan, no shops before then) and one in the area of the falls itself. All have shade to get rest in.

What to wear:

  1. F: short sleeve shirt + arm warmers and comfy shorts (like what I did, it gets exhausting due to the sun on the way up, arm warmers can be easily removed so I opted on this instead of long sleeves) You can also choose ankle leggings if you’re conscious or don’t really want to get dark skin.
  2. M: sando + shorts (this is what my friend did)
  3. hiking shoes/non-slippery slippers/sandals. (you’ll be walking on the terraces’ borders so you need the balance)

*advisable to apply sun block ahead especially if you’re trekking in the late morning. My face got sunburnt ’cause I didn’t lol

What you can also bring:

  1. determination (and I’m not even kidding lol)
  2. cap (for the sun, we survived with none though)
  3. water (you can also buy this from small stores along the way, but its best to have one yourself too especially when going back.)
  4. Alaxan (for after the run if you’re like me who’s not physically fit lol)

Lake Danum


What to wear:

  1. pretty much anything.

What you can also bring:

  1. camera, the view’s great.
  2. wine/beer lol.

Marlboro Country


*1 hour up and downhill walk on rocky road, cemented road, and grassy/soil path, 1 hour back.

*colder than Kiltepan as it has no trees to block the wind.

*please go to the 2nd hill, view’s better than the 1st one.

*I love this more than Kiltepan.

What to wear:

  1. THICK clothes (it can get pretty cold, don’t wear white shoes lol)

What you can also bring:

  1. camera, the view’s great.
  2. flashlight or phone with bright screen (going to the place is pretty dark, you can’t be dependent on your tour guide’s light alone.