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Day 3 – Sunrise and Shopping, November 18, Wednesday

Our third day aka last day came. We had to make the best out of it so we woke up again around 4am to get ourselves ready to leave by 4:30 for Marlboro Hill/Marlboro Country. Our shuttle service was picking us up in our hotel for P500/group.

The transpo was a short 5 minutes, then we have to trek up and down slopes with only a phone’s flashlight as light source for 1 hour. It was tiring and the pressure of chasing the sunrise adds up on the worries. It was a mixed cold and hot feeling due to the weather and exhaustion.


If we were to go back to Sagada, Marlboro Country shouldn’t be missed.


When the sun finally rose, we headed back to our transport and to town to get breakfast. We were planning to eat at Yoghurt House but they were still closed during the time and our stomachs were already getting angry. So we ended up in Salt and Pepper again for breakfast.

For food reviews from our Sagada trip, you may visit this this link.

Time flew. We went back to Masferre Country Inn and Restaurant to grab some bottles of their yummy jams and had our hotel pick us up later on. 

We went back to our room to get some more sleep and woke up around lunch time. I personally took a bath first before sleeping again since it was more convenient to get more sleep than having to wake up a bit earlier to get a bath.

We checked out from our room (they didn’t allow late checkout, sadly) and had our lunch in the hotel. We left our bags by the reception so we won’t have to bring them around.

With some more time left, we visited the Orange Farm that Rock Inn is famous for. For only P50 on entrance and P50/kg if you want to personally pick your oranges, you can go around the huge farm and content yourself with the view of oranges lol.


It wasn’t long till we had to leave for our bus trip back to the Metro at 3pm. I wouldn’t elaborate on the story on how I killed time for that 12-hours back. But it made me dizzy down the curves, and extra cold during the late evening.

Coda Lines was nice to provide blankets for their passengers, which was definitely a great help to my shivering legs.

We arrived back to their QC terminal around 3am. Taxi Cabs were being called by some Coda Line staff for convenience so we don’t have to walk long to the main road to get one. Me and my friends separated ways there.

Manong driver was a kind funny man so my trip back to the comfort of my bed was great. Reaching home, I changed clothes and dived to my bed for better sweet dreams.

Yes, I got tired. My bank’s P4.5k lesser. But the experience and memories we had during our stay in Sagada was all worth it. And I’ll come back again for sure.. just not in Bomod-Ok Falls. LOL

Bucket List Progress

✓ Visit Kiltepan’s Peak

✓ Ride above a moving vehicle/ jeep

✓ Take a photo with strangers