Face it; once in your lifetime, you cursed your parents for having a brother or a sister. You always hoped that they are orphans adopted by your parents because you couldn’t be possibly related by blood with someone so diabolical. You’re better off without them, aren’t you?

As time goes by, you realize that having a brother or sister can be tolerated easier. But as you grow up, you realize it’s nicer to have a sibling or two you can rely on than none. And when you come to the age of maturity, you’ll realize more things you’re actually grateful for.


They are your longest relationship.

Setting aside that you don’t really have a choice, having a sibling is the best example of the longest relationship you can have with anyone other than your parents. Your siblings probably know you more than yourself just by your snort. Whether you fought over the last slice of pizza, or stick with each other like twins, being siblings will always come first more than any other types of relationships you can have.

They are your best teachers.

Guardian, protectors, warning sign and danger indicators- your siblings are those who can inspire you even if they’re not doing anything. Siblings shed light on things you could never ask your parents or would feel too stupid to ask your best friend. The mistakes they’ve done can be a life lesson to you especially on late night conversations where everything seem so deep and make a lot of sense. Brothers would even tell you how unfair the corporate world is, and sisters would tell you a bit about the screwed up feeling of falling in love.

403622_2241002523689_1493029743_nThey love you no matter what.

No matter how many times you take their share of ice cream, or how much you piss them off by waving your hand while their working, your older sibling will love you no matter what. And no, this is not always a vocal expression because they’ll be too ashamed to say that. But if you count the times they let you off the hook, covered for your mistakes, protect you from your bad friends, support you ’on your goals and scold you when needed, those are enough to say they care for you more than any friend they could ever meet.

They naturally understand you.

You know what a left eye wink means and how a double nod is different from a single one. There is something unique about siblings, because for all the time spent together each has grown to know the person well enough to know mannerisms and minor indicators.

Besides signals you can wave at them at any time of the day, they know when to hug you for comfort, or scold you for your mistakes. They’re like your parents who can be more strict, but also more lenient at the same time, it’s because they know the feeling of getting a sermon instead of a hug.

11354724_10202942906652781_1923342470_nThey are ever supportive.

Having an older sibling is like having a best friend who’ll pull you up from despair, yet push and laugh you at the same time. But it’s not the time spent together that counts, but the presence of someone who you always know is there whenever is what entirely matters.. Like when you need someone to help you carry things around the depths of Divisoria or drag you to cousin’s places to fetch a borrowed violin. Sure, they’ll be pissed, sound irritated, or plainly mad at you, but they’re more than happy to lend a helping hand because that’s what siblings do. Besides, they can always bug your conscience and tap your debt of gratitude some time from then.

They will always care for you.

They won’t just tell you not to talk to strangers, but they’ll tell you tall tales of what could happen. They’ll tell you insights on traveling 3 hours to work, go against it, but still let you be as they trust you as a grownup. They’ll fetch you from school when it’s already too dark to walk on your own and they’ll tell suitors that they’re screwed if they make you cry. But most of the time, they’ll say they don’t care, but truth is, that just shows how much they really do.

This is a tribute-ish post for my siblings. I love you two so much! I also just want to greet my twin sister a Happy Happy Birthday!