Ironic, isn’t it? Writers are meant to express in the form of words, but creativity drought does not choose its victim. I’m positive writers both amateur and professional encounter this at some point in their life.

I’ve been earning from writing since way back second year high. But whenever I don’t have any clients to fancy with my word talk – even though at times the topics are actually shitty – at least I’m writing, earning and learning. I actually run out of ideas whenever I want to hit some traffic on my blog.

One common thing writers do is a quick Google search with article ideas or topics to write on; which is why there is an unending list of articles by different authors hoping to supply the answer. But honestly, with the several times I did that, I end up closing the search engine, and throw away the idea of writing when I was so motivated firsthand.

Just exactly why the title?

Writers are in fact relatable to each other. Topics pop up with no apparent reason at the most surprising moments and we don’t have a pen and paper at hand to scribble it on for remembering later. So why is having a list of numerous and creative topics not the best thing if half the job is already done?

It limits your opportunities to actually choose.

Despite at least one of those topics sparking an interest to you, you’ll probably end up overthinking on how to actually write it than the usual hands-on-keyboard (or pen) and it does the job for you. Looking at someone else’s idea will actually kill your own.

3 tips on knowing what to write about

Don’t worry; I’m not going to go against what I just said. I’m not providing any cheat sheet of topics but rather a guide to get your creativity going.

  1. Relax. If you’re thinking too much on what to actually write, you’ll end up being lazy because it’s taking too much effort. Drink a glass of water, it will help. Maybe you can think of something to write about the water, the glass, the cupboard or something. Who knows! We are writers, and creativity is endless.
  2. Change your location. Been blogging on your desk since forever? Why not try hitting the road to a coffee shop nearby? It might send in some new inspiration for the writer in you.
  3. Go out of your comfort zone. If you’ve been writing about pets, try something else. Divert your attention; you might realize you have a thing for flowers too! Or maybe you’re an inborn news writer or a gossip girl. Opportunities are endless. No matter what the topic is about, writing it is practice anyway.

Wrapping it up

Looking and searching for a topic to write about is way too common to be bugging a lot of writers. Explore and get out of your comfort zone. Set your imagination free and do with what you have. Eventually, topics will spring like a mushroom on any sunny day and the next thing you’ll be Google-searching is how to budget your time in writing because you have a lot of ideas piling up.

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