Dealing with Writer’s Block

An infamous mysterious man is rumored to lurk behind a writer’s back; intently watching, occasionally breathing down on the neck’s of unfavorable writers, laughing at us as we bang our heads to our keyboards in agony. A blank screen sitting idle for a good 30 minutes while we venture ourselves to the thought of closing … Continue reading Dealing with Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block or Resistance?

“Screw you, writer’s block… how about I just write later when I don’t have it anymore? or better yet, how about not at all because I have this inevitable writer’s dilemma. Yep, right. I won’t.” We set up writer’s block as if it’s an incurable disease, postpone our tasks and call it a day. It’s a familiar … Continue reading Writer’s Block or Resistance?

Searching for what to write about is a bad idea

Ironic, isn’t it? Writers are meant to express in the form of words, but creativity drought does not choose its victim. I’m positive writers both amateur and professional encounter this at some point in their life. I’ve been earning from writing since way back second year high. But whenever I don’t have any clients to … Continue reading Searching for what to write about is a bad idea