Love is a lie for those who realize the cruelty of reality. I love my brother, my best friend, my pet dog – an emotion of care, compassion. But everyone is greatly indulged in the idea of true love, of finding the ‘other half’ that could complete them. It sounds tremendous, really it does, those HHWW, cuddling through a rainy night, a good morning and good night call every day and candlelit dates, those seemingly perfect relationships we read every so often.

Published romance novels, chick flick releases, prime time TV marathons – some of which that actually builds up that ideal standard right under someone’s nose. That handsome rich guy meeting your average girl and is awestruck for whatever reason. Too cliché, yes? but still it leaves us page turning till 2am. Have we pondered upon the fact that despite the huge population we grow in, it’s near impossible for us to meet that 6-packed embedded body of a handsome bachelor, more so have them fall in love in the average girls in us?

I have always longed for that true love thing you hear in a lot of romance films, even made a mental list of what I want in a partner, but definitely failed in the part where I actually meet one like it. I’m sure I’m not alone on that dream guy list. Yet, despite that fact, we get attracted then fall in love at some point to the imperfect person we find ourselves intertwined with.

And my title comes around at this point. The price to pay for love.

By liking someone, you need to look presentable. By loving someone, you need to adjust to what he/she deems good, okay, or acceptable. By liking someone, you need to bend some rules. By loving someone, you need to break rules- going over curfews, lying to meet that someone etc. By liking someone you need to adjust your schedules, by loving someone, you need to postpone schedules. By liking someone, you need to take effort. By loving someone, you are obligated to exert effort. Love requires attention. It needs assurance. A lot of obligation. A handful of patience.  The list goes on. Love is a constant supply of unending wants, demands, and high expectations that in reality, are not really met. People just learn to adapt, adjust to what the situation calls but it doesn’t end with that, especially when the ease of comfort comes into scene. Gist? Love will not suffice to fill up empty tummies, nor does it pay bills or send your kids to school.  Love doesn’t just exist because it does. It requires a lot of adjustment, understanding and all those in between for it to work.

Being alone without those strings of whatever fate or destiny everyone assumes should be enough to complete yourself. A partner may be good to have. But you couldn’t say you can’t be complete without it, because people can. Happiness cannot only be found being in someone else’s arms but rather where we appreciate littlest of things and loving them like how would normally do with our so called true love.

and yes, this is very contradicting to my last post, LOL.