1. They have this thick slime covering their whole body and probably their personality as well, we all come to know as ‘pride’.

2. They have an exaggerated bad hearing that causes your reasons to be unheard or not listened to.

3. You have to spoon feed them respect they want to get, so they’ll realize you are offering them a full course meal of obedience and value.

4. You remind them that you are a cause of a 9-month menstrual delay.

5. They are probably a century older than you and you do not have any right to tell them that castles and prince charmings no longer exist, especially in the cyber world.

6. They got used to Rapunzel but forgot that keeping you away from reality is actually telling you to sneak yourself out at 2 in the morning.

7. You have to constantly remind yourself that all the milk, rice and diplomas you had and will have are from shedding off their blood and sweat and not from cows, fields, and trees.

8. You are a prisoner and you have the right no choice but to remain silent when accused.

9. You are ONLY a leashed dog by your owner named Parent.

10. 70’s is way way back, and they cannot accept that it’s already the 20th.

11. They have no installed internal hard drives, or even memory cards and DVDs before, so they have this very often tendency to repetitively recite a sermon longer than the American Revolution.

12. They probably took some medication for their backs that has a side effect of making them think that ALL guys and girls would hump all around the house when left all alone together.

13. A tale once told them that listening to a person three times younger is like believing in powder that can make you fly.