A very large image of abstract graffiti gibberish isolated on a black background. Good for using as a texture or to composite on walls for added graffiti looks.

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.

I used to do this every morning a while back. I know this as what’s called Morning Pages. Though I did that using traditional pen and paper from a notebook I purchased and had debossed with the words Morning Pages. I used this practice as an excuse to get another notebook. I did do it for several months before getting tired. My practice was to write 5 pages without thinking about grammar, and most likely just plain gibberish.

Writing continuously without thinking about what you’ll be writing is very helpful, especially for those who overthink a lot like me. It helps get stuff off your head. When I used to do it consistently, I would often talk about random things that don’t make sense or are in no particular order. There’s no separation of one story to another. I guess this was the goal of this prompt, however, it definitely reminded me of Morning Pages that I just started writing about it.

Why did I stop? Mostly because handwriting— while I love it— can be tiring, especially if you write a number of pages. My handwriting will look neat at first but barely legible by the 5th page. Doing this made me want to do it again, but probably in a digital format just to save my fingers from hurting.

What I hate about writing this is having the tendency to correct grammar, write it nicer, proofread, and so on. But it would defeat the purpose of this exercise if I start editing anything. I am a little conscious though because before, I got used to publishing posts without proofreading and would spot errors later on and think “someone might have seen that and think my grammar sucks.” But you know what, Oh well.

Okay never mind, I had to fix some of the glaring typos I found, those that are have the red underline because they are staring at me. For the rest I didn’t touch! Sorry, daily prompt!

Daily Post 365 Days of Writing Prompt: Ready, Set, Go