If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you?

Definitely a yes. It would be fun to learn about stupid and wrong things I did. And it would also be interesting to know how I am in 20, 30 or 50 years time. Would the book end before I hit 50 years old? What age can I go on a vacation to New York? How many kids will I have?

I would likely even add in comments to the book about what I think. Year 2002 Azelle slipped and fell? Year 2021 Azelle would probably write on the edge of the book saying “Get used to it, you’re still clumsy in 2021.” Year 2010 Azelle thought dyeing her hair is a good idea? “Well, Azelle of 2010, you will regret that in about 6 months when your hair’s original color starts to show up unevenly.”

I remember a friend telling me there’s a movie of a similar plot. The protagonist finds out what’s gonna happen in his future and commits to stopping it from happening by deciding differently when they occur, The problem was, him changing his decisions was exactly why his future ended up the way he didn’t want it to. PS. If anyone can tell me the title of this movie, please do so I can actually watch it!

Some people would likely not want to see their futures for the thrill, while others may feel like they’ll be in constant fear prior to bad events and counting down good ones. As for me and my Type A personality, being reminded of the past means learning from it and knowing the future will just make me plan better. After all, if I knew I was gonna die in 2056, 10:52am, sleeping soundly in my bed, then I’ll have time to plan my own funeral!

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