Before I go into the rant that this is likely my only post from Feb-March, I was going through yet another thinking last night, as all nights. I washed some dishes around 4pm, only to wash another batch at 8pm. In my head, I was saying, “parang kagagawa ko lang nito kani-kanina lang.”

Pondering into it, I realized, I don’t just have a boring grind -life is really a routine.

If anyone cares, I recently started going to an office-based job again last November, so I don’t have as much time as I did when I was freelancing. (Also using it as an excuse not to blog or write anything.)

Moving on, basically my life is wake up up, go to work, stress about what to eat for lunch, go home, watch some series, go to sleep, repeat. On weekends, it’s an alternate between lazing around on my bed, or running errands. Then occasionally, I go out with friends, or write random thoughts on my journal. Either way, it’s same old, same old.

The routine starts on Mondays, it’s ‘catch up’ time with Armen on what happened over our weekend. That guy and I never run out of stories to tell each other which is amusing. And the next in line would be my dialogue on grueling work in the next 2 days. While on Thursday and Friday, I would almost jump for joy that it’s close to the weekend, but also hate the fact that Monday is yet again, so close. It’s a weekly habit, not just because it’s a fun event to look forward to but it’s something that’s been happening ever since November.

I’ll rant about how much I hate sanitary pads (and period in general) every month. And have a endless argument about small things with my family like washing the dishes, or not using my phone when the lights are already turned off.

It kinda sucks. Life has so much to offer, but we’re all living to pay bills, and paying bills to live. Yet what we all do is a routine of what we grew accustomed to. Sure some of us do something else once in a while that makes life worth dealing with. I have acquaintances who find relaxation with bar hopping, I know people who go for food tripping around Maginhawa, and my friends and I prefer traveling.

All I want is to progress on my current plans and stir away from distractions like liking someone right now (but it deserves a post of its own for reasons). I just wish I’m not that lazy to do these things. I’ve already given up my shop because I feel exhausted with commuting daily, spending at least 2.5 hours on the road is tiring. I just hope that it won’t be a reason for me to give up my job because I really like it.