What I love best in my blog is that it serves not just as an outlet, but a dump for inspiration as I course through my teenage and adulting years. And it makes me fill even a little fulfilled that even if there’s only some who reads my posts, there’s always at least 1 person who gets touched or motivated.

This is for the 30-day writing challenge I’m currently doing.


Don’t give up easily

We often give up before even starting to do something. I can’t, because I’m not smart. I won’t bother because they’re better. I won’t try, because it’ll be a waste of time.

Whenever I joined contests when I was a kid, my brother would always tell me, “kung ‘di mo rin aim manalo, ‘wag ka na lang sumali.” (If you don’t plan to go for the gold, then don’t bother joining.)

Well, he has a point. You won’t get the whole experience if you didn’t aim for a win in, or go for the bigger challenge. You’ll just get the feel of everything, but you won’t be able to surpass anyone if you’ll stay to what you know now. You won’t get anywhere.

Sure, there are moments when our abilities just can’t make it to the cut, but that shouldn’t mean we should just stop. We should always aim for the better version of ourselves. Life is a never ending process of learning. If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.



Be kind, but not too kind

My mother always tell me to date that not everyone is as kind as I am. We’ll meet all sorts of people. But there’s always a bad apple in a lot.

You can’t always be understanding, or giving, or generous, or kind, or helpful, or lenient to everyone you know… not everyone is capable of doing the same for you when you’re the one in their situation.

I’m not trying to count the times I lent a hand to someone, or weigh how much help I offered. But we can all admit that knowing someone would also be there for us when we were there for them means a lot.

I’m not saying to go be rude to everyone, or start being mean. Just learn to balance it out and don’t treat everyone as if they won’t do you any harm or have you hurt in any way.



Respect everyone equally

Respect the janitor like you respect your boss. Authority is just a label, but everyone can get hurt. Even words can be as sharp as a sword.

If you dislike how your boss is treating you, or how your mom nags everyday, respect it key. If you can’t respect them as your boss, or as your mom, then respect them as a fellow human.

Give it to get it.