screenshot_1 Starters revolves around teenager Callie, who’s only hope to live is through an odd organization, Prime Destination. These teenage bodies are rented out to seniors who want to be young again. But after a malfunction in the neurochip from her rental, she wakes up in the life of the renter.

Rating: 4/5 (Click for rating system)

Other famous books by Lissa Price: Enders (sequel to Starters)

The synopsis took me in. I wanted to find this book the time I heard of its release, but given my laziness and distance away from decent bookstores, the idea soon faded. That, until online convenience came to our lives and I remembered all about it this year.

Full Review (no spoilers)

screenshot_1The plot is unique. It’s obviously the reason why I wanted to read it. However, a big heads up, the writing isn’t as great as I expected/ it could have been. It’s too.. narrative, like I’m reading a work, not seeing it. And the first person POV with lots and lots and lots of uses of the word “I” especially on the first part makes me cringe.

What I probably hate most is the fact that just like almost any other YA book is how great the protagonist Callie is. It comes off as too unrealistic for any real person (although to be fair, it is dystopian so..)She basically had no actual flaw I can think of. She’s brave (of course she is, that’s how it’s always been for the leads right), very intelligent for a 16 year old (that I question if it makes sense for one to be like her), skilled in multiple sports (what are the odds of that).

Putting it short, it feels like her, all the situations are too convenient for her, like everything was obviously pieced together in a certain way so it’ll lead to another certain situation. Not to mention how it always seems like every author want to insert a love triangle in anything. Though here it’s not as extravagant. It would still be an interesting story if they remove how every guy seem to like a certain girl part.

However, the story is pretty great and I love all the plot twists in it. But you’ll come with the thought that you need a better backstory to make the whole book come alive. There were a few chunks of history to explain what happened, but some of the situation and what certain people do doesn’t make sense because there’s not enough backstory to make it believable.

Some of the characters were nicely personalized, but some of the others feel like they were all the same person- probably sounding like how the author would do- so it came out a little monotonous.

I actually feel a little tied up between a 3.5 and a 4. The 4 comes from how the story plot twists (despite some of it being a little predictable) an how I was reading it till 1:30am but the 3.5 comes more from the technical aspects like voice and writing style and how seemingly flawless the protagonist is.

It’s a good read (I’m actually looking for the sequel to it, Enders).. but I would have wished it was written a little better.