I’m not a music junkie. I don’t follow on what’s new, and pretty much only learn about new songs when they come up to my news feed, or hear it on TV when my mom is watching. But I do have some songs that doesn’t leave my top 10 list.

This is for the 30-day writing challenge I’m currently doing.

Below, in no particular order:

1. We Could Happen – AJ Rafael

AJ Rafael is my most favorite singer. Although this isn’t the first song I’ve heard from him, this stuck with me. He started out on Youtube, and ever since I learned about him in 2011 through my ex, I never stopped idolizing him. Pretty much why I was really envious when my best friend Sherwin came across him and had a photo taken with him too. That bitch.

2. Best Friend – Jason Chen

Also another Youtube artist, I found Jason Chen through listening to AJ’s song. This is one of his songs that I really love. The beat, and the lyrics hits the spot. Plus Cathy Nguyen is in the vid, who I also met through AJ Rafael. I even did a cover of this one with my friend and birthday buddy, Ronn somewhere on the web which I dare not link here because I still have some shame in me.

3. Passenger’s Seat – Stephen Speaks

Probably one of the oldest song in the book that I can still hear in radios and music playlist of people I know. It has a certain charisma that doesn’t seem to fade away as we all grow old.

4. Blank Space – Taylor Swift (cover by Alex Goot and Alex G)

Kurt Hugo Schneider does a marvelous job as usual. I like the 2 Alex’s version that the original due to it’s simplicity yet top notch production boosted up by the 2 artists’s emotions.

5. By Chance (You and I) – JRA

The upbeatness of the song and the lyrics is as simple as can be, but it doesn’t mean it lacks it’s charm to anyone who hears it.

6. Can I Have This Dance – High School Musical 3

I grew up with High School Musical, and even though the story is predictable as most of the films we have, Can I Have This Dance is an all time favorite song. I’ve actually noted to myself that I’ll be using this song on my wedding if I ever get married and force my fiance into dancing Waltz with me during that day too.

7. See You Again – Wiz Khalifa

I especially love the instrumental introduction of this song. And though I’m not that fond of rapping in general, I came to love every part of the lyrics of this song.

8. Sing, Sing, Sing – Chris Tomlin

All time favorite Christian song. Although I prefer the one sang by Edric Mendoza in church where this song got my attention.

9. Uptown Girl – Billy Joel (Cover by Glee’s Warblers)

I had a phase where I was into Glee and of course, the Warblers. It might be a little bias but it’s because of that why this song is on this list. I really love ‘the Warblers’ blending and them group itself even they have a cheerleader effect lol. Did I ever mention I have great weakness for guy who have a great voice?

10. Dance With My Father – Luther Vandross

Due to some circumstances, my dad doesn’t live with us anymore. But before that happened, I was the most spoiled kid. So whenever he comes home to date, I feel a little sting and a little love in me at the same time. But I miss the days when I can solo him… I really do..