The Success Project (TSP) is an on-going idea to track my success as I reach for my goals.


I have lots of goals I want to achieve- getting a master’s degree, learning how to bake, traveling to Europe, being a public speaker, to name a few. But one goal that I think would change my life is becoming a published author.

I love writing a lot. Ever since I was in 7 years old, writing was the only consistent hobby I had from all the things I ever loved doing. For a moment, I tried to be musically inclined, I also had a phase of playing too much online games and even pursued an arts degree, but the only one I kept constant since I was a kid was writing.

I do have published articles both on print media and online, but I don’t think it’ll be anything like publishing my own book. The fulfillment of selling copies and knowing people are reading and being influenced by your words and thoughts would surely bring more than butterflies in my tummy.

I always had attempted writing a novel when I was so much into fiction  and creative writing a few years back, but once I stop writing on a long story even in only 2 days, that stop turns into a break- a really long break that I forget I’ve even started it.

Maybe, just maybe, my current reading of The Successful Principles would get me to publish my own book, even if it’s something I’ll have to do independently. I actually thought that the bits and pieces of inspirational and self help articles I post on my blog and across platforms I have access to might be my real author calling. I’ll probably just have to think of the actual theme and route I’ll be going for, establish proper discipline that I’ll have to write on it every day even only for a few sentences because doing it little by little will eventually get it done too.

If it indeed happens, and I’m sure it would, I hope it changes my life. I hope I get to meet new people. I hope I get to develop more skills. I hope I get more opportunities. I hope I reach a wider audience and be a good influencer. It will happen.