Some time a week ago, a few people reached out to me on my Facebook Page consulting me about their plans for their businesses. It didn’t take a while before I was able to pinpoint the common problem from their stories:

  • No one is interested in my products.. I wanna give up.
  • I’ve already advertised to a looooooot of places, still, no.
  • I feel like I’m wasting time and effort.

I was planning to add this to the long course I’m currently writng as promised in my How I Started My Zero-Capital Business, but thought I should skip it for a while and share another story that deserves a solo post.

Most people think that the hard part of opening up a business is done by starting a shop, make some products or sell some services and the clients will just roll in like dust bunnies. Spoiler:  No, that’s not how it works. In fact, it’s just the start of the mind-boggling headache inducing moment.



Talking to these people, I asked one on what specific ways she did to market her products. She was selling personalized miniature trinkets made of clay and silicone. Personally the idea was close to me since I’ve been fond of ball-joint dolls for awhile now and have availed similar customized services offered by another shop. It was something different and it has that personal touch (although despite not being a zero-capital business, but that’s another story). But having the funds to do so gets you more flexibility. She already had an edge.

According to her, she endorsed her products to her friends and advertised in groups.. but no one seem to find her idea as interesting as she or I did. She was on the verge of giving up but she came to me hoping for some light while she’s lost in the process of doing everything.

I thought that was a good sign since she was marketing it to the public and reaching out to friends, which is the most common. I asked where exactly she was doing her sales pitches so I can understand the nature of her process.

But she didn’t respond to me anymore.

The thought of her almost giving up on her business… and then gave up too on a one-on-one consultation with me gave me some proof that it’s one of the hindrances in aspiring business owners. And it’s actually quite sad because it’s a common obstacle that just needs a couple of motivation to climb over.


If we recall in my previous article on how I started everything, you will actually notice that there were 3 major points where I could have given up… but didn’t. And I use the word “major” because there were so many things in between those times too that should have made me pack my things and move on from the idea of pursuing business too… but again, didn’t.

If you’re one of the many who suddenly gave up or currently in the verge of giving up on what you previously thought was a magnificent idea.. it’s probably because..

You lack the drive.

And you didn’t do something about it.

Or you procrastinated.

And you never got back to it.

Or both.

You see, businesses require some non-negotiable things- drive is one of them. You need to find your motivation in pursuing one thing or you won’t get there.

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