I seldom talk about politics in any of my blogs as I don’t bear enough knowledge to create an intellectual debate or discussion, but it’s that time of the generation again.

Politicians are singing good songs, doing good deeds, embracing societal discrepancies and loving the public service. Filing of the Certificate of Candidacy or COC for our last bets (and possibly one of the few hopes for the country) is up until Friday, October 16.

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago just announced her run for the presidential post come Election 2016… and it scares me.

Not because I’m afraid of change, but rather if Mayor Rodrigo Duterte runs.

My news feed bleeds of Miriam AND Duterte supporters with quite a number of Miriam-Duterte (and vice versa) fans. I personally plead for the latter. I don’t question their capabilities as its already a living proof in history. But rather I worry for what may happen if both competent politicians with active fans run… votes will divide.

While people who are still feeling the game and choosing who to vote of the two, the other parties who gathered more permanent loyalty or maybe were able to buy more votes lol would take the lead in the most crucial popularity competition in the country.

Imagine, 500 pesos that’ll fill the stomachs of our hungry countrymen for a few days- the people who are begging for help from the government. 500 pesos is the equivalent of 6 years of service from the same government that deprived these people of a solution. These people are the majority of votes- who are given the privilege to vote despite most of them having the incapacity to even pay for their meals, more so the tax. I still wonder why these people are given rights to vote.

But who knows, IF Duterte runs, it may actually be a part of a plot of one of the candidates running for the same post.. for the division of the two’s supporters. And it alarms me how this person might possibly be the one to take control of the country for the next term.

I hope Duterte finally makes up his mind, and I hope it’s to be the running mate of Miriam as vice president for the election 2016. It’ll be the tandem the Philippines need and we won’t ignite more fuel to the other candidates’ fire just because of possibly greedy motives of each one.

Think, Philippines.