I’ve probably written about a hundred essays, reports and research works, most of them got perfect scores, how can copywriting be any different?

Before you push through with the idea that it’s easy to write copies, think about these reasons why you need a professional copywriter to work on your business first:

  1. Copywriting is not just writing – Some people have a thing for writing But developing a compelling copy is more than just grammar and spelling. Copywriting that gets people’s attention AND make them select a call-to-action is not the same as just anyone with the writing skill. Proper copywriting is aimed to a certain audience and also narrowed down to a specific target market. Copywriters know your audience well enough to create the tone, voice and message to achieve the goal to sell your product or service.
  2. Copywriters know nothing about your product – You know your product best, while your copywriter has no prior knowledge. Because of that, he’ll be able to write about your product with an unbiased buyer perspective. A lot of people think that it’s best to get copywriters from within your own, but most likely, the copy would not be able to communicate the real benefit of the product as it comes from a seller point of view.
  3. Good copywriting gets your money back + more – The aim of copywriting is to get you people who would avail your product or service. Once you get a hold of a real professional copywriter, you get your money back through sales, and the added income the copies would bring.
  4. Search Engine Optimization is a “what?” for you – You want your site or product to show up on Google, but you have no idea how to do that. SEO copywriters are always current. They study what works best on search engines and incorporate it in your site’s copy. They keep tabs on what’s in now and what tactics that would work best to produce a compelling copy.
  5. Copywriting is time-consuming – Copywriting doesn’t start and end at just writing. It needs research and analysis which both takes time. The convenience of getting a professional to do the task you need can’t be denied. By hiring a professional copywriter you save your own schedule by allotting it to other more important things where you do best.

To put things simply, copywriting is an investment with a surefire return.