I need to blog.. oh wait, I’ll just do it next time because I’m lazy.

If only people could see my long list of drafts from all the blogs I own and my writing notebook filled with topics and titles I want to write about, I’ll probably be deemed the very symbol of “pro” in procrastination with no questions asked.

But setting aside how I claim the throne, I’m sure there are a lot of people who experience the same thing; not only in writing, but in doing pretty much every other task possible.

People deliberately look for other distractions not to do what they have to. There are a lot who say they’re most productive when being chased down by a deadline, but more often than not, it’s just their way of justifying why they’re setting aside a task and putting things off.


A lot seem to think of procrastination as entirely a bad thing. There are long lists of articles that discuss how to deal with procrastination, but there seems to be close to none of those that talk about how procrastination can actually be good.

But then again, despite some who shake off the idea of procrastination to the last letter, there are people who would continually applause and support reasons why it should be embraced.


Exchanging answering e-mails for cleaning the house or researching another project isn’t so bad. It’s doing some other task you plan on doing in exchange for another in the meantime.

I know a lot of people who put off a task and replace it with another one, simply because they’ll probably be bushed over a specific task and end up finishing 1 out of 5. Doing your first task will probably make you call it a day and you’ll end up not finishing anything else.

So at some point, postponing something is a good thing as it accomplishes more tasks that you’ll still be doing at a later time, only you did it ahead for now.


You might be thinking, how can someone who’s probably just lazy, be better at decision-making than someone who does things according to plan and without hurry?

Think of it this way.

Deciding which task and how long a person can delay it is a sign that he is maximizing his timeby thinking about doing other things – more productive or not – to replace a certain activity.

This is because he was able to weigh down which one can be delayed, and which one can be finished before then. Thus, making him someone who is capable of decision-making.


You won’t delay a task if you know you need it ASAP, right? If you procrastinate, it means you see something that is of more priority or is more important than another. This doesn’t end at that. Because then, you’ll soon realize if you actually need a task done in the first place.

Procrastination after all can be good as it will make people realize if he needs to grab some pizza, answer e-mails, or do both at the same time.